We didn’t know when we first opened our shop in the Halifax Seaport Market that our All Day Breakfasts would be so popular.  In the process of growing into our new Market business, we realized breakfast is important.  Here at Selwood Green-Norbert’s Good Food, we love breakfast. In fact, as a family, we’ve always loved to go out or cook breakfast at any time of day.Bacon & Eggs

As farmers, breakfast food is often a welcome comfort food- any time of day.  And many of the vendors we are friends with here at the Seaport Farmer’s Market are hungry for breakfast after a very early morning preparing their cars and trucks, driving to the market and unloading in preparation for a long day.  At the farm, there were often days when Norbert himself only had an hour or so of sleep before heading to town to sell vegetables on Saturday morning.  In order to boost his energy through the day, he needed a good breakfast.  In our family we’ve been fortunate to have a ongoing supply of organic produce and eggs.  Now we are offering that served up breakfast style to our customers, too.

All Day BreakfastOur #1 best-seller continues to be the OMG Egg Croissant Sandwich.  We see people coming back week after week saying how much they crave this affordable, yummy, organic and healthy breakfast dish. Our other big hit is the hardy Seaport Market Full Breakfast.  Both of these are listed on the MENU page.

Next time you are looking for a delicious, affordable, local, organic breakfast in Halifax, drop down to Selwood Green-Norbert’s Good Food in the north east corner of the Seaport Market.  Where else in town can you get breakfast cooked by the farmer himself?