Our Farm

plantingOur life’s work is to

Grow the most diverse range of vegetables for the longest season possible, selecting varieties for their flavour and culinary qualities.

Follow organic growing standards in order to maintain a sustainable healthy ecosystem on and around our land and within our rural community. It is not unusual to see a small bird’s nest preserved in the middle of a field of our cultivated vegetables.

Protect our farmland from possible sources of contamination. Located on the shore of the Minas Basin…off the beaten path, our farm is surrounded by the ocean, natural marshes and woodlands making it a very clean place to grow food.

Minga & Norbert

Farmer Selfie

Be good community members by providing meaningful work to local families and supplying wholesome food to our community at large, including our own family.


Greenhouse Greens

If you’re interested in spending some time with us on the farm every season community members gather to help with the big harvests of carrots, potatoes and strawberries. This is especially popular with families with young children as it provides an educational and fun farm experience.

Contact us if you’d like to join the work party!



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