What’s a girl to do by mid February when the craving for juicy things and green things is already starting to build and there is still a long Nova Scotia winter ahead of us? I’m trying to be good.  I’m trying to be organic and local.

Who would have thought you can have your root vegetables and your juicy things too!?

Down at Selwood Green-Norbert’s Good Food we are dusting off the juicer and oh my! Juiciness!  Juicy roots!  Bunny’s Delight is a bright orange bit of sunshine in a glass, made with the best roots Nova Scotia has to offer.  Norbert’s own sweet organic carrots.   If you really love your roots, get fresh with the Ruby Lips:  a blend of our own sweet organic carrots, and organic beets, Boates or Noggins apples and add some heat with a bit of ginger.

Ruby Lips    =   juicy immune boosting  love!

Ps….I’ll let you in on a secret…I stashed a whole bunch of parsley that I harvested from our fields late this fall in the freezer.  It is bright green and full of goodness.  So, if you can’t live without your greens, we can add parsley to your smoothie.  It’s even tastier than kale (which we’re out of, except for our occasional limited editions)…zestier and chock full of vitamin C!  Local, organic blueberries and parsley in your smoothie!

Wholesome, local, organic, yummy juiciness!  Oh my!

How do you get your juiciness on in the winter?